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B E H I N D   T H E
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Behind The Line - Drawing & Musical Performance


Claus Knobel (drawing)

Matthias Franz Haubner
(Keys, Tp, Voc, Performance)

The drawing with organic structures, which can also be seen as hieroglyphs, and the musical performance (live music with half playback, singing, text and movement) are directly connected, also through the projection onto the performer.

Superficially, the power of the soul lies hidden, which only appears selectively or temporarily in forms of activity and connects essentials. The authenticity of a person develops in vivid moments to the truthfulness of the person with a resilient dynamic. In this way, individual strengths gain in importance in everyday interaction. Those people who shape and lead a self-determined life stand out from the crowd with a positive understanding and a confident attitude - not only 'behind the line', but also socially as a personality.

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