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A R T I S T I C   R O A D -
H O U S E  
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Julia Riera (dance)
Christian Fehling (double bass)
Claus Knobel (drawing / painting)
Chris Jaeker (guitar, mouthharp / synthesizer / loops)
Matthias Franz Haubner (trumpet / keyboard / vocals)


Interior views of so-called roadhouses in the land of the traditional Aboriginal songlines, "which in their serenity and silence are reminiscent of Edward Hopper's pictures", as the art historian and museum educator Wolfgang Till Busse from Cologne describes the roadhouse pictures by Claus Knobel, are closed in the exhibition hall see. The roadhouses on the highways in Australia, where a wide variety of people meet, serve as meeting points for rest and exchange and, in a figurative sense, are an object of inspiration.


"Interdisciplinary artistic and musical day workshop"

with students interested in art from the Catholic secondary school on the Great Greek Market.
Drawing / painting & music with presentation of the resulting performance

"Artistic Roadhouse - Topography of arts"

At the end of an interdisciplinary work phase with drawing / painting, dance and music, the actors created a full-length experimental temporary topography of the arts. Clearly defined dramaturgical elements with interdisciplinary border paths left improvisational free space for mutual inspiration. In relation to the content of the songlines of the indigenous people of Australia, a color-sound-body construct was created with an exciting intensity.

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