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A R T I S T I C   R O A D -

H O U S E 2 0 1 4



Musical-artistic performance - January 2014


Claus Knobel (drawing, painting)

Chris Jaecker alias Christo Jota
(Guitar, synth, loop technology)

Matthias Franz Haubner alias donm

(Trumpet, keyboard)

Christian Fehling on the double bass

Inspired by the pictures of Australia by the painter Claus Knobel, the actors interact in an interdisciplinary manner between music (ambient jazz), drawing and painting.

The music that arises out of silence and develops into spherical soundscapes, with elements of jazz, enables a field of tension between tradition and modernity. Drawings and painting, in the abstract-concrete interplay of design, are hieroglyphic and representational, unite originality and the present.

A temporary work of art is created in the field of tension between drawing, painting and music.

Interior views of so-called roadhouses, in the land of the traditional Aboriginal songlines. “Which in their serenity and silence are reminiscent of Edward Hopper's pictures”, as the art historian and museum educator Wolfgang Till Busse from Cologne describes the Roadhouse pictures by Claus Knobel, are the subject of the musical and artistic performance in a figurative sense. Places where people meet become meeting points "in the middle of nowhere", where the spirit of the indigenous people still seems to exist.

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